ATMF Superstition

Rapidan Apollo x ATMF Twilight Tryst


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ATMF Superstition was a dynamic horse. He had the size, power, depth, trot, legs, and Morgan type I wanted from his 100% Brunk dam--with the neck, elegance and presence of his stunning sire, World Champion Rapidan Apollo. Those are the breeding strenghths he passed to his offspring and into the next generations. His excellent hip and shoulder are still especially strong traits. Morgan breeders who recognize the proper value of a powerful hindquarter but don't want to sacrifice a long upright neck should remember his name, ATMF Superstition, and look for it in a pedigree. Due to life I wasn't able to promote him properly so he only has 34 registered foals to help strengthen the breed. Fortunately one of them is our young stallion ATMF Against the Wind. We've also managed to keep two lovely daughters, ATMF Illusion and ATMF Celebration. We are willing to consider a few special mares for his frozen semen.

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