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Best Friends for Life
CONGRATULATIONS to some very selective Morgan buyers who found their new dream horse and BFF at ATMF. Half of these wonderful ATMF horses were selected by people who had previously purchased an ATMF baby! At least 25 families have loved their ATMF horse so much they bought another one. Some even two or three more! That's the solid reputation we've built over 40 years of producing top quality and representing them honestly.


We offer an unprecedented warranty that should be industry standard. Please read it below.

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ATMF Jet-Stream

Sire: ATMF Against The Wind
Dam: Mysterious Luv of Monarch
Foaled: 5-15-17
Height: foal
Color: Palomino


This fabulous show & breeding quality colt has the modern refined prettiness without sacrificing correct Morgan type and conformation! His lovely long neck is PROPERLY set well back over his deep shoulder-- arching beautifully right out of his short strong back. His terrific hindquarter completes his beautifully balanced conformation and proves you can have everything, including his sire’s rare dark dappled palomino color, and excellent breeding.

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ATMF What Dreams May Come


Sire: ATMF Superstition
Dam: ATMF Gold Charm
Foaled: 2004
Height: 16 Hands
Color: Liver Chestnut



We found "Ritz" had been resold and was in dire need of finding a new home. We re-purchased this lovely talented full brother to Fabio to get him back in shape mentally and physically and evaluate him for a new life. And he found it. Miriam Orschel skillfully helped remind him of his early 3 years of dressaage training and decided they would be a great team to move up the levels. What FUN!

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ATMF Whispering Wind



Sire: ATMF Against The Wind
Dam: ATMF Illusion
Foaled: 2014
Height: Should mature 15.2+
Color: Deep Golden Palomino

Big robust beautiful colt. Free and forward. Show potential in any open or Morgan division. Good stallion prospect--straight, correct, square, and pretty. Nice mix of foundation and show breeding to add elegance to size, substance and trot. Deep dark dappled gold like his sire. Full brother to some very nice horses.


ATMF Windstorm

Sire: ATMF Against The Wind
Dam: Wickedly Grand
Foaled: 2014
Height: growing
Color: Buckskin

Exceptional stallion prospect!
Trot & style for todays Morgan
specialty classes plus everything
needed for top level open sport
competition. Super attitude too.
Easy, kind, forgiving, curious,
playfull, trusting, smart. Great
amateur-owner-trainer prospect.

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ATMF Celebration

Sire: ATMF Superstition
Dam: ATMF Cherries Jubilee
Foaled: 4-9-06
Height: 14.3 Hands
Color: Liver Chestnut

This lovely & correct mare is a
seasoned winner in carriage &
dressage. Kira happily rides &
drives in the show arena or x-
country. Super fun, willing,
obedient, and reliable on
trails. Smooth gaits. LOVES people--begs for attention.
Eligible for pony division!

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ATMF Wind Chime

Sire: ATMF Against The Wind
Dam: ATMF Illusion
Foaled: 3-27-11
Height: Should mature 15.2+
Color: Liver chestnut

This photo is at 17 months.
She was already 15.2 hands!
(That fence is 6') She's
prettier than her champion
dam and very sweet,
friendly and easy to train.
Excellent shoulder, hip, and
legs. Show/sport/trail prospect.
Full sister to CA Dreamin'.

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Introducing the ATMF Inititive

We Promise:

# 1. You will be treated with respect.

We will evaluate our horses suitability to your criteria and will not try to sell you a park harness horse for western pleasure. Neither of you would be happy. Our horses deserve the right person and job match for them to be happy too. Morgans bond with their people. We want lifetime homes.

#2. Our Horses Measure Up.

We guarantee our horses will measure as advertised within ½ inch when you get here or we will reimberse your travel expenses up to $250.00!! If you buy the horse anyway we’ll give you $500 off the price! If every buyer required this of every seller the problem would disappear. Also, height should be flat shod--not include an extra inch of hoof and inch or two of pad.

#3. No Hassle Papers.

Pay cash and you will get instant possession of proper registration papers and your new horse. Otherwise the horse and its papers will be available when the final payment has cleared. If papers are being mailed we will send within 7 days or we will pay the AMHA transfer fees. If a foal is not yet registered we will process to completion and transfer at our expense. Sadly too many buyers failed to complete registrations on valuable ATMF foals so we can no longer assign that responsibility.

#4. Check 'em Out.

We strongly encourage pre-purchase exams and will make every effort to accommodate YOUR veterinarian’s schedule. No delays or excuses.

#5. Professional Courtesy.

We are happy to work with you and your trainer/instructor. Having strangers handle/ride our horses is worrisome but necessary to sales so please allow us to help you/your trainer get to know our horse. We will not allow handling that might put you, or our horse's training, at risk. Please respect our judgement.

#6. Transparent Pricing.

All published prices are valid within 30 days of webpage update or advertisement. ATMF horses are reasonably priced for their exceptional quality, excellent care, and correct handling since birth. Many individual factors affect our estimate of market value and we are happy to disclose them. ATMF is the only existing Morgan breeder listed to have three or more horses who have competed successfully at 3rd level and above. We have been in the top three on an annual USEF breeders lists for many years (combined points ATMF and Carlson). ATMF is a prefix to be proud of in the pedigree of your horse.

#7. Sales Commissions.

We believe it is a conflict of interest for trainers to be paid commissions by sellers when acting as agents for the buyer. We will not inflate our prices to exacerbate that industry wide problem. Buyers should just pay their trainer a flat fee plus expenses to professionally evaluate each horse, like a vet check. If we contact someone to act as a seller's agent then we will pay an agreed commission or fee upon recieving final payment.