Higuera Sondarling

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Sondarling Portrait


Sondarling is shown hooked to a 1900 Concord side-spring run-about.

Sunni loved to drive and was totally fearless. Note his tail is dragging on the ground, then braided and tied to the axel to keep it out of the wheels. Ridiculously impractical, but really pretty. The sporty carriage was known as a courting vehicle. Also impractical.


Always A Gentleman

It was an honor to have this wonderful stallion with us for 30 years. We miss his generous spirit and playful nature. Fortunately Sondarling sired 50 registered Morgans. I don't know how many part Morgans. Everyone loved "Sunni". Someday I'll fill this page with some of the memories he left with us so we wouldn't miss him too much. I bought him when he was only two months old and kissed him goodbye thirty years later. He was my first baby of my very own. I was only 17. My my. We were both babies.

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