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Our Own Stallions

I could write forever about each of the stallions we selected and why. But for now their beautiful pictures, outstanding progeny and excellent bloodlines will speak eloquently enough.

Higuera Sondarling

ATMF Superstition

ATMF Jason Lee

ATMF Master Plan


Outside Stallions

Being dedicated to responsible breeding requires constant objective evaluation of your program's strengths and weaknesses and the merits of each individual. It is vital to breed your best mares out. Even with three of our own top quality stallions the investment was invaluable. ATMF is primarily interested in strong, correct, athletic conformation so many of the following stallions were not the typical box office names but possesed strong traits we appreciated for that mare and might be valuable additions to our strong genetic base of Government and Brunk. We have never followed trends. We set them! ATMF breeds for the future.

San De Glenn R

Mehlwood Mckylo

Desert Sands

Devan Robbie

Figure's Courageous

Mantic Peter Frost

Stardom Sensation

Mantic Emporer

Rapidan Apollo

Aranaway Monkeyshine

QP Alabama


R Fancy Banjo

Mirador Don Quierdo

Desiderata Sequoia